CSS offers a wide range of Contracts Services tailored to suit each client specific needs, and targeted at being pragmatic and cost efficient. 

CSS Services cover all range of clients, mainly contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, owners and consultants. 

CSS Services cover all types of projects with all scales.  

CSS Services cover the overall lifetime cycle of a project, from inception to tendering to execution to conclusion of the agreement and the discharge of the parties’ liabilities. 

CSS Services are divided into the below categories, with these Services executed in complete coordination, cooperation and harmony with the Client’s respective assigned staff.

CSS also offers the service of providing Project Controls personnel to Clients, with the same including screening and short-listing CV’s, conducting thorough and detailed interviews and maintaining a database of the competent personnel, with the same including:

  • Contracts Managers
  • Head of Contracts
  • Sr. and Jr. Contracts Administrators
  • Sr. and Jr. Quantity Surveyors
  • Planning Manager
  • Sr. and Jr. Planning Engineers 

Pre Contract Phase

Preparation of invitations to bids
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Scope of work
  • Drawings, specifications, procedures
  • Schedule contractual consideration
  • Commercial terms
  • Split of responsibilities
Review and assessment of received bids
  • Assess Bidders profile
  • Check compliance to Bid conditions
  • Study and evaluate bidders qualifications
  • Commercial comparisons
  • Technical assessment of Bids
Pre Contract negotiations
  • Negotiation meetings with bidders
  • Clarifications
  • Value engineering / alternatives
Preparation and Submission of Bids
  • Review received Invitation to Bid documents as to their completeness and contractual integrity
  • Identify, rank  and evaluate contractual risks
  • Prepare Bill of Quantities (as needed)
  • Assist the clients’ team in the estimation of the work
  • Overall review of the bid package prior to submission
  • Addressing Tender bulletins
Contract Negotiation and Contract Signature
  • Back-up client in negotiation meetings
  • Addressing Tender clarifications
  • Review Contract documents prior to Client’s signature

Post Contract Phase

Claims Management Services
  • Drafting of procedures for ensuring that all aroused claim situations are well identified by the Project team and timely notified in line with the Contract Provisions
  • Setting the strategies for the built-up of claims documentations throughout the Project execution
  • Setting the directions for ensuring the contractual integrity of baseline schedule and following updates / revisions
  • Setting and maintaining events calendar
  • Preparation of contractual claims – delay, disruption, acceleration, termination, rating, damage and changes
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Negotiation advise and support / dispute resolution
  • Back-up documentation for mediation, arbitration and legal processes
  • Independent review, assessment, evaluation and addressing of claims
Contracts Administration Services
  • Establishing systems for ensuring that Client’s employees continuously comprehend their contractual obligations
  • Preparing Project administration procedures such as invoicing, cost reporting, correspondence, approval, variations, charges, etc…
  • Providing comprehensive guidance and advice to project management on contractual issues.
  • Identifying and evaluating additional and varied work.
  • Progress evaluation and invoicing
  • Establishing proper and effective procedure for variations thus ensuring, timely notification, accurate and contractual evaluation, adequate supporting documents and comprehensive back-up.
  • Contractual correspondence
  • Preparing invitations to bids
  • Tender Bulletins and Tender clarifications
  • Commercial & Technical comparison
  • Preparing Subcontract Agreements
  • Correspondence, variations, claims, final accounts
Quantity Surveying
  • Establishing procedures for comprehensive quantities measurement
  • Setting the outline and structure for quantities take-off and star rates built-up
  • Quantities take-off and rates built-up

Drafting of Contract Agreements
  • Contract Agreements
  • Subcontract Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Consortium Agreements
  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Novation Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Pre-bid Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Supply Agreements
  • Purchase Orders