CSS business is based on the virtues of honesty and integrity.  

CSS values the sensitive nature of its offered Contracts Services, and as such strictly enforces a Confidentiality Policy throughout the company, whereby all CSS employees are bound by the confidentiality requirements, with their access to information limited to what is required to carry out their functions within the company on a need to know basis.

The fundamentals of the Confidentiality Policy is that CSS will protect the information classified and agreed as confidential as obtained in the course of the professional service, with the pre-requisite approval of the Client mandatory prior to disclosing such information, if the need be. The above is to be executed to the extent permitted by law.

A Non-disclosure Agreement with the specifics of confidentiality can be signed between CSS and the Client upon the Client’s request.

Conflict of Interest

CSS prohibits any situations where Conflict of Interest may arise.

CSS works on identifying potential conflicts of interest and works on mindfully avoiding, neutralizing or mitigating the same in its internal decisions and business relations with Clients.

CSS employee who exercise or have exercised any functions or responsibilities with respect to CSS activities shall not obtain a financial interest or benefit from a CSS-assisted activity, or have a financial interest in any contract, subcontract, or agreement with respect to a CSS-assisted activity, or with respect to the proceeds of the CSS-assisted activity, either for themselves or those with whom they have business or immediate family ties with them.

A Conflict of Interest Statement specific for the Services can be signed between CSS and the Client upon the Client’s request.

Commitment to Quality

CSS focus and endeavor is to meet or exceed its clients’ requirements through our commitment to Quality and our quest for continuous improvement.

CSS goal is to provide the best Quality service in the most efficient manner, which will reflect in savings on our Clients’ time and money.

CSS operates within a set of coherent procedures that are formulated for rendering the highest Quality of Services, as is needed in the Contracts field.

CSS mission statement is never to tolerate the Quality of its Services for any other considerations.

Commitment to Timely Service

CSS is committed to providing each Client with the most personal, comprehensive, and highest quality of Contracts Services in a cost effective and timely manner.

CSS utilizes the latest technologies in communicating with its Clients.

The use of e-mails, scanned documents, recent telecommunication systems and others shorten the communication cycle, and keep CSS employees reachable at all times, while suitable security measures are set to accompany these connecting channels.

CSS endeavors at all times to cope with the Clients’ schedule for Services, with a transparent approach as to the time frame necessary to optimize on the services regularly conveyed to the Client and agreed with him on a case by case basis.